January 27, 2020

Anyone who knows me will know I like my pudding e-liquids, far most of all a good custard which is hard to find sometimes. Not here at escape2vapour though, we are lucky enough to stock some of the best custard and custard based premium e-liquids in my opinion. Note to myself, as I write this blog I must contain my drooling, thinking about the tasty delicious custard vapes I must talk about.


Custard E-liquids back in the day were just a flavouring base of Capella V1 custard with some adding a little sweetener or maybe a twist with strawberry or maybe another surprise pfffffttttt. After vaping these on and off for a year almost 6 years ago I got bored very quickly in the first years. Now lets jump forward to 2020 in my custard e-liquid time machine and wow, we have a absolute huge range of custard flavours on the market, to make it visual it would like winning the lottery and being paid in custard based e-liquids ( I must add that my wacky nature in this post is not a side effect of vaping these liquids, well ok it is but only out of love for them)


This Gentleman below as pictured is right


Yes, you guessed right, I have not tried them all, However Since around 2016 I have gone through quite a lot, some good, some great and some just plain awful but that is another story. I first found a company called Exceptional Vapes, I had seen they did a range called custodial custards if I remember correctly (this was around 4-5 years ago) I thought I will give them a try, Chocolate brownie and custard, the name alone had me drooling at my computer as I imagined a warm baked brownie smothered in custard creamy goodness!!! I tried it and was blown away after vaping this, I did so for a long time then "BOOM" they brought out the creation of custards, just like the beginning of the universe the big bang unique in every way, well PINK CUSTARD I believe this to be like that of the big bang, a master creation by a creator though I must add ( please note I endorse the creation of custard to be PINK CUSTARD the true beginning of custard vapes )



They describe it as : A super creamy vanilla custard infused with 2 delightful strawberries. Just like the pink custard we all remember from school. 


I can honestly say, it is best for me to explain, take the custard you knew at school in the 80s & 90s if you were not about to try this great custard then O my you missed out, but do not stress, get up now as we speak and bring yourself to try this creation of delightful bliss in a bottle. So anyway back to the description, old school pink custard with a super added creamy flavour followed by waves of sweetness and a very slight yet balanced strawberry hit, just enough to keep you chops drooling for more, good for coils to and I am convinced whilst I am taking my breath for another vape the coils and tank are secretly vaping it to ( trust me I will catch them!). Another big plus, is it is not a coil killer, winner winner custard dinner!!!



 I will go over my other top ones in my custard ranges we stock which will be called Custard V2, V3.etc etc




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